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Some serious shit
I would be more heartless with people, but something's stopping me for doing that. Now that you're reading this... Well... I'm a 16 y/o boy spending his time on Youtube watching people doing stuff and things and on Tumblr. I ship things that shouldn't be shipped, so... [I speak Spanish, but I'd rather speak English than Spanish]

I’ll say the same as Sky, but more effective. NOT EVERYBODY OR EVERY YOUTUBER SAYS “BUTTER” TO GOLD. If Jordan/CaptainSparklez did say “gold”, let him do that, because he is not familiarized with saying “butter”. And this is so fucking annoying, because looking a bunch of people criticizing and commenting that Jordan says the “forbbiden word” (gold)… So just stop. If you are a member of the Sky Army and did this, just stop.

It’s cool to see them teaming, because with the last video they made together, I laugh so much. But I don’t want to see this kind of comments.


Guys, would you be so kind to help me with this?